Hello friends in this article we are going to learn how to get free domain name and web hosting for lifetime for your website. To get free domain first we need to check the availability of the domain name and then we need to register the name for our website so we are using the freenom.com website to register our domain name. Suppose, I want review2tech check availability of this name so this one is available for free with extensions like .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf, .gq etc. Now you can click on Get it now! and continue to checkout. By default it is available for 3 months but it is available for 12 months also so now it's pretty for 12 months continue this you need to fill in your details in agree to the terms and conditions of the website to complete your order so my order is now complete. Then go to services and my domains so there are the list of the domains you have already resisted on this website so our new domain is a  review2tech.ga there I can manage this domain. My domain is active now I have a registration date and expiry date.

how to get free domain and hosting

Note: .tk domains are banned on free hosting due to abuse. To host a website use other than .tk like (.ml, .ga, .cf, .gq).

Now we have done the part of free domain and it's time to go for the web hosting click on the link infinityfree.net and log into this website you need to firstly resister your gmail on website, you'll able to get a confirmation mail you have to confirm your gmail ID after this you can log into your ID. You can create or manage three with one active account. Now click on Create Account tab and go to Custom Domain and enter your domain name eg: review2tech.ga and continue. 

After step 2 you have to point the domain with the hosting nameserver for this again go to freenom.com. login with your account and go to my domain under services. Now you have to click on Manage Domain tab and click on Nameservers under Management Tools, then click on Use custom nameservers (enter below) and enter the Nameserver1 and Nameserver2 of your hosting provider (Infinity free nameserver are ns1.epizy.com and ns2.epizy.com) and save chnages.

After this steps your work on domain site is completed now it's time to return to the hosting provider (infinityfree.net) and continue after step 2. (Note: It may take some time to see the chnages made on nameserver by hosting provider so be patient and check again after some time).

After it is completed your account is now ready and you can go to my control panel  and file manager of this account then in the control panel you can manage files, database, mail and other advance stuffs that you can manage through cpanel account. Now you can go to file manager and upload your website inside htdocs to make it live on the internet. You can also go to Softaculous apps installer you have to install your website on this domain to be to made it functional now in this you can install any website like WordPress and other CMS tools.

Some Alternative free .xyz domain and hosting sites:



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